Mega Testimonials

“Scottie, I had to write and tell you about the 2 presentations I did to realtors this morning. I am so pumped about this system! I was a realtor prior to going into the mortgage business in 1996 so in my opinion, this is the best thing since sliced bread. The first meeting I did today was a C21 office that I didn’t even make the appointment for the presentation. Instead, the title company where I was scheduled to do a presentation set it up for me when the C21 broker called her about doing a presentation.

Prior to the 2nd presentation they had done a MCE class and one of the realtors had to leave for another meeting, but after I took her aside and showed her a couple quick items, she wants me to do a presentation to her office next week.

The broker at the 1st meeting walked up and handed me his listing money before I was ever finished. One of his current listings is for $1,150,000 – wouldn’t that be a nice closing for a 30-40 minute presentation.

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a quick THANK YOU note for this fantastic system and training!!”

— Beverly in TX

“Thanks dude this is bomb digs. All over it, we are developing and streamlining processes to create a seamless transition through and through. Already have two assistants and going pick up 2 VAs for this project alone. I will be running with this to go live in 2 weeks – we launch on the 14th. Webinar route is the way to go and 2 a week is where we are starting. This is exactly what I have been looking for to get me on the list. I set a goal to get on top 200 by end of 2010 and I’m on my way. Someday I’ll tell you my story, it’s a good one but for now simply know that this will work and I am happy. I would love to share ideas with you sometime. I have a few that absolutely nobody is doing and I am crushing with them and this tool is simply another “fundamental” difference between an average and even very good LOs and me. I’ve gone on enough for a response with my phone but in short, “Thank you very much! You guys are the best and I look forward to reaching my goals and expectations with you and Carl’s support.” Enjoy your Sunday brother.

— from Danny

“I have 5 new loan apps on my desk this morning from agents I have never worked with, thanks to this program. I am old Jay Abraham protege’. This is with out a doubt the very best system I have ever used to generate new realtor business. I can’t thank you enough.”

— from Jim

“I sent a video email today to my warm list and a blast got five Realtors signed up so far!! Woohoo”

— Markita from Virgina

“Hey man this program is awesome. First of all IT REALLY WORKS–GREAT. I got 3 referral’s for loan out of this agents office today-from agents I have never worked with. This program ROCKS.”

— Jim from Houston, TX

I took it to the street today, Sunday 7/5, went to some open houses and made a brochure and a couple of website and business card stickers. I made the brochure knowing some of the Realtors would be busy with looky loo’s so I wanted them to have a ‘take away’ with me all over it. Have 4 appointments for next week already and several follow up calls – all with Realtors I never met before.

— Brad from California

Scotty, It’s one thing to “knock it out of the park”, but it’s another thing to hit it into the upper deck with the bases loaded!!! Hey man, just had an appointment with a Windermere Real Estate office and absolutely blew it out of the stadium! Thank you man for all of the tools and support that you guys have given me. If I were anywhere near you, you’d be getting some big-time “hat’s, high-fives, and hiney” slaps from me! If you guys are ever up in this neck of the US, you’ve gotta call me, I owe you both BIG TIME! You and Carl are crazy… keep it comin’! Click Here To Learn How Dan Hit This Out Of the Park!

— Dan from Washington

Scott, I was flying high yesterday after spending over 3 hours at a Realtors office helping 4 Realtors set up their EPS after my demo. Scott,I didn’t believe you when you said you would be surprised at how many Realtors don’t have websites. Not ONE of those Realtors has a website!!! These are not rookies or extremely low producers; one is the daughter of the broker/owner and is a 20+ year veteran of the business. After the 3+ hrs, they said I went above and beyond!! :) As I was leaving I said it looks like need to set up another time for tutorials for next week. They said that’s what we need. So I’m planning to set two time slots next week to help them in their office on their computers to implement the system! (I don’t have the whole office yet!) So today, I’m excited to call back a Realtor that I set up a website for one of her listing that was near my home. (I had call reluctance the first time I called her, but did it anyway.) You’re not going to believe this… she said the website was nice and all but was not interested and is real busy. I explained it was free and there’s more to it and gave an example of one of my Realtor’s Success. She still was not interested… I was shocked! Then I remember she has the right to be stupid and I just thought of those other Realtors yesterday who loved it. The key was… I didn’t let get me and called another agent a min later! That agent Tina who I set up a website for her said she loved it and I’m setting up a webinar because she wants to use it!!!! Thanks for the tools and encouragement you are providing!!

Carl, Fantastic seminar today! Since it concluded I have heard from and signed up 5 realtors already. I had 10 that registered and 5 that attended. All 5 that attended asked me to sign them up as soon as the presentation was over…..Thank you VERY much!!!

— Greg F. from Grapevine, TX

Scott, Wanted to share a freaking huge eProperty week. I was not having great success nailing down the right agents so I changed my focus and model. I just nailed down close to 500 listings from one office that owns the **** market in ***** The broker owner has 174 listings himself and he has ten agents that are all doing the program with me that have another 300+ properties My first listing I input for them today was $ 2.2 million. I have one additional meeting Tuesday with another small office to show them how to input listings. There are so excited they can’t see straight and they have 105 listings that I will get next week. I think I’m done looking for agents now and I can now focus on driving the relationship, getting deals and closing them. My career and attitude are back on track and i see a future again that will be exciting and fun. The other two loan officers in my office are having great success with the system also. Have a great weekend.

— Dave B. from Indiana

“I listened to the webinar on Friday. I love marketing. As you know I just signed up 2 days ago. I have already signed up almost 10 agents.

I HAVE TO ADMIT I AM VERY COMPUTER CHALLENGED. I can bearly get my computer turned on everyday. We put the first 2 houses in yesterday.

I had to show the agent how to do it………….much to my own amazement I walked her right through it. I impressed myself. lol

I have an office at a Remax building. I have already signed up all the listing hitters in this office. They have almost 100 listings between them.

I have 4 agents at a Prudential office next door. One of them has 13 listings. She told the other agents about MY SYSTEM and asked them when I was training them. So this Monday I have an appointment next door at Prudential after lunch. These agents are very loyal agents to me. When they ask the cost and I told them it was a free service they nearly freaked out. It seems that Prudential has a similar service that they use that cost they agents $95.00 per house. It really does nothing compared to our system. They are pumped about getting their listings in. I can’t thank you enough for rolling this out.”

— from J
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